28th SEPTEMBER 2024


Canarias Remember 90 Fest is presented as an initiative that rescues emblematic musicians from decades ago. This festival offers a unique opportunity to place in front of us artists that, to a certain extent, we had relegated to the corner of forgotten memories. The proposal is clear and direct: Canarias Remember 90’s challenges us to confront the passage of time and rediscover the musical essence of the 90s.

Canarias Remember 90 Fest brings together the artists we listened to three decades ago, placing them in front of us and reminding us that, although we thought we had forgotten, there they are, ready to relive those unforgettable moments.

The participation of renowned groups from the Spanish music scene of the 90s is fundamental to the success of the festival. Thanks to the contribution of these outstanding artists, the festival not only becomes a meeting point for music lovers and lovers of the 90s, but also an indisputable reference point for the artistic richness of that era.

The festival offers a musical journey that relives the unforgettable hits of that golden age. Immerse yourself in the magic of the past with live performances by your favourite artists in a unique setting.




At Canarias Remember 90’s Fest, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact with concrete actions:

  • Responsible Use of Materials: The festival’s foodtrucks will serve food with reusable and recyclable cutlery, while drinks will be served in reusable cups, thus significantly reducing plastic waste.

  • Integrated Waste Management: Selective containers will be implemented to recycle all the material used during the event, promoting a recycling culture among attendees and staff.

  • Energy Efficiency: We will opt for high efficiency LED lighting technology throughout the venue, thereby reducing energy consumption and associated carbon emissions.

  • Responsible Energy Use: We will prioritise the use of the site’s electrical energy and the implementation of efficient generators to minimise emissions and optimise energy consumption.

  • Environmental Awareness: We will carry out digital campaigns to reduce the use of paper and raise awareness among attendees and staff about the importance of recycling and waste reduction.

  • Respect for the Local Community: We will take measures to reduce the noise and light impact on the local community, ensuring that the festival is enjoyed responsibly by all.

  • CO2 Emissions Offset: Each ticket sold will contribute to a reforestation project, helping to offset the carbon emissions generated during the event and thus contributing to the fight against climate change.

Canarias Remember 90’s Fest is committed to being a benchmark for sustainability and environmental awareness in the field of festivals.


We are proud to promote sustainable mobility as an integral part of our vision for a more environmentally friendly event. We strongly encourage our attendees to opt for shared transport options, such as car pooling, and to use public transport whenever possible.

For those wishing to reach the venue from different parts of Arona, Tenerife, the following bus lines offer direct access to the venue:

  • Line 417: This line connects Arona with the ‘Canarias Remember 90’s Fest’ venue, providing convenient and accessible transport for attendees coming from the city centre.

  • Line 450: With strategic stops throughout Arona, line 450 offers a practical option for those wishing to reach the festival from different neighbourhoods and residential areas.

By encouraging the use of public transport and shared mobility options, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

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